How To Use Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil For Hair Growth and Moisturizing?

We have few basic steps to use Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8oz, which are as below, just follow them & get the desired results in weeks .First of all take some amount of Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8oz in your clean hands, apply on roots and scalp of your hairs daily. Secondly massage your scalp using your fingertips, with kind hands for 15-20 minutes.

After massaging your head, one can have a deep sleep so that the mixer absorbs by the roots & scalp as the time passes, which increases the blood flow on scalp which results in hair growth.

Use Black Castor Oil as a trendy oil treatment once in a week, it does thicker the hairs & adds volume.

Now next morning do below steps to wash Jamaican Black Castor Oil, one needs to wash them thoroughly to get the best results.Wash hair with a natural shampoo and conditioner.

Another way is, use egg white until it gets smooth and then massage into the scalp. This helps to break down the oil and adds additional nutrients to the hair.Also one can try conditioners on hair before getting into the shower, massaging conditioner into the scalp, helps to remove the castor oil.

Black castor oil is extremely thick and viscous so one can mix it with jojoba or argan oil so in morning it can removed easily.Use clean & dry towels to dry the hairs. You will see results within two weeks.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8oz

Black Castor Oil has been used in Jamaica for hundreds of years for healing damaged hairs and skin care. So we have used it and our selected castor seeds, which are allowed to grow in natural conditions, which gives us the purest version of this wonder oil.

The seeds are roasted longer, which adds darker color, which is more effective & beneficial in getting smooth, silky hairs.

Jamaican Black Castor oil has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is high in vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and omega-6 and -9 beneficial fatty acids.

How to Use Castor Oil for Beard Growth?

Beard has always been an important part for men is very much in trend these days, thus beard care with castor oil has become a regular routine for them. Castor is acknowledged to be the best for beard growth as it not only thickens your hair strands but also enhances the activity of hair follicles, thereby encouraging facial hair growth.

Castor oil for a beard is available in many different forms but Jamaican castor oil is recommended for better improvement of hair growth. Castor oil comes in a pale-yellow form that is extracted from castor plant’s seeds. Castor oil for beard growth and its benefits was realized by Egyptians and Indians as they found the varied uses of castor oil for hair, skin and health.

Since castor oil has been proved so good for hair, its use for a beard conditioning treatment and as growth booster has been realized soon. Here are the simple 3 steps focusing on how to use castor oil for beard growth:

Step 1

Many men wonder how to apply castor oil on the beard as it is very thick in nature and hence maybe take a bit effort to apply. All you have to do first is to clean your beard and skin underneath it with warm water as it will be ideal for cleaning completely. As warm water is known to open your skin pores, it allows castor oil to penetrate profound into your pores. Better to pat and dab your bear dry with towel or cloth before you apply oil.

Step 2

Now, take a few drops of castor oil in your palm, you can use Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Beard Growth to get the advanced result as it is one of the quality castors oils. After taking it in your palm, gently rub your hand in order to warm up the oil.

Now, start from the roots to work it up to the tips, begin applying oil on your beard. Apply it systematically by covering your entire beard and soaking each strand in oil. Evenly spread the oil around by using a comb and remember to apply it in a circular motion. This will massage your skin beneath the beard and help to enhance its quality and growth.

Step 3

Leave the Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Beard Oil overnight or for some hours on day time at least to get a better result. Once completed the process, wash it off your beard in the morning and dry your face with a towel to avoid bacterial infection. Do this method twice a week or you can also apply this process on lanate days to boost the effects.

Also, you can blend castor oil with another oil such as jojoba oil that will help in increasing absorbing capability of castor oil. Mixing both jojoba and castor oil can do wonders on your beard.

All in all, Castor oil contains all the certain properties such as Vitamin E, minerals, protein, Omega 9 fatty acids, Triglycerides and ricinoleic acid that makes it ideal for beard growth. Hence, castor oil is enough for beard growth as it enhances the skin and facial hair as well.

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